StrengthsFinder™ Consulting

List 5 things you’re good at.
What are the 3 most valuable traits you bring to your organization?
Most of us struggle to answer these questions.

Now list some things you’re not good at.
Things you struggle with or never in a million years would seek out. This is a much easier challenge.

How about your team members? Your supervisors, leadership? Do you focus on their weaknesses or strengths? Would it help you to understand why they do what they do or don’t do?

Would you like them to better understand why you do what you do or don’t do, what you would love to do, and where you could really shine?

The sad reality is many of us spend more time focused on and trying to fix what we’re not good at, instead of discovering, appreciating, and cultivating what we ARE good at, our Strengths.

Strengths are a unique combination of your skills, talents, knowledge and experience. You have many Strengths, some are obvious, but many others aren’t. Many of your Strengths go underutilized, unappreciated, and too often, unrewarded.

Strengthsfinder™ Assessment Review for Individuals and Teams

Benefits to you and your staff:
  • Understanding how to make their best and most fulfilling contribution
  • Saying YES and NO to opportunities – decision making
  • Better handling and response to Change, Conflict, Time Management and Communication issues
  • Energizing and helping them understand themselves and others better
  • Improving their interpersonal relationships and team building/productivity
How does this work?
  1. After each participant completes the Strengthsfinder™ 2.0 online assessment we review and compile the data into our format.
  2. Then we meet with each participant onsite for a personal coaching session to review their results.
  3. When that is completed, we meet with each team onsite for a review of their combined Strengths.
  4. If you decide to engage us, we will set up a more detailed project plan and timeline for your needs.
How much does this cost?
  1. We charge a minimum $1000 for up to 5 people, and then $200 for each additional person.
  2. The costs of the online assessment are not included and are paid for by the participant or their company prior to taking the assessment. (approximately $20/each)
  3. Travel expenses, if needed, are not included and billed separately.
Who does this?

Peg Helland has been a certified Strengthsfinder™ coach since 2007. She has a highly realistic and balanced perspective regarding the benefits of using the Strengthsfinder™ tools in all settings, including personal growth, teams of all kinds, corporate management, nonprofits, schools, churches, and volunteer organizations. She received a BA in Political Science from UCLA, and has worked in corporate positions, started and operated companies with her husband, as well as serving in leadership in volunteer organizations. She has two adult married children and three grandchildren.

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